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Hello Lovely

Have you been looking for a more natural way to support your body to promote fertility, healthy pregnancy or the changes and challenges experienced in motherhood?

Or are you looking to manage your hormones for healthy happy periods, glowing skin and more vitality? I work with women of all ages to support hormonal health and wellbeing. 
Naturopathy is a holistic approach that embodies nutrition, herbal medicine and lifestyle change to optimise health and wellbeing. 


Emma xxx

Work with me...

Do you need a plan?

I love a good plan. something easy to follow that takes all of the guesswork out of what you should (and shouldn't) be doing. 
All of my 1:1 online consults are conducted via zoom from anywhere in Australia and give us a chance to really chat about you, your health, and your situation so that we design a collaborative wellness plan for you that suits your needs and lifestyle.
Let's face it, most of us are time-poor and if we bite off more than we can chew being "healthy" tends to go out the window. 

Working with someone who can guide you toward your health goals, interpret your pathology and help you to implement change in a realistic way while you learn about your body and how to manage health gives you the support to feel in control and to see results faster.

What we cover...

Your Goals

What are your health goals and priorities? More energy? Better mood? Deeper sleep? We create a personalised plan that is easy to follow and gives you results.


Diet and nutrition are important foundations for health and can be used as a tool for achieving your goals. We look into your diet and identify the best foods for you without taking away the joy of food.


We look into the best options for testing for your body - whether it is a deeper look into hormones, nutritional status and deficiencies, gut health and more. There are many options for all price ranges.


Movement, relaxation and a healthy environment are essential for our well-being. Incorporating these easily into our daily habits can bring about big change in our bodies and emotional health. 

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Health History

Your health history and current state of health can tell us a lot about your body. We thoroughly look into current signs and symptoms as well as your past history and any pathology you have had carried out.

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Vitamin and herbal medicines can be useful tools to affect change quickly and can also be used in the management of health. We identify the best support for you and your goals. 

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