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Hi Mama

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How are you?


No, really? From one mother to another, I see you and all you do and how tired you might be. Or how much you long for just one full nights sleep or a little time to yourself. 

Because these are the things we feel low on, aren't they? Energy, time, sleep, space. 

And I know just how much you love you little one or ones. Or maybe they are bigger now? And the energy, sleep and vitality are still elusive?


And you know what? You are not alone there. The transition into and through motherhood is a transition that continues no matter how old our children are. It bring challanges, it bring joy, it brings insight and a lot of self-learning. but we can do something special for ourselves. And that is gatthering support where we can and asking for help if we need it.

How may I  help?

Firstly I might tell you a little about my own journey.


I gave birth to my beautiful daughter in 2012. I was half way through my naturopathy degree. I was radient in pregnancy, so excited to become a healthy, happy mama raising healthy, happy babies.


She was perfect and slept beautifully until she was 4 months old and then woke on average 6 times a night for the next year and a half. Her father worked FIFO and our family support were an 8 hour drive away. At eight months I felt like I was running on a treadmill that just wouldn't slow down. I was sleep deprived, stressed, coursing with adrenalin, exhausted but couldn't switch off to sleep. I was so tired I couldn't think properly, wasn't eating well and was often on the verge of tears. I wasn't depressed. I was just running on fumes. It wasn't at all how I anticipated things to be.


Long story short, I went back to uni, applied everything I learned to myself and found relief. I had my gorgeous son at the end of 2014 and graduated shortly after and opened up my first clinic. I didn't specialise then but attracted mums nevertheless. I went on to work as an assistant naturopath to a wonderful integrative doctor who wrote a well-known book called "The Postnatal Depletion Cure", worked with more mums and learnt more about this journey called motherhood. 

Would you like to

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Have more energy?

Experience better quality sleep?

Improve your mood?

Feel more healthy and vibrant?

Be more resilient to stress?

Thrive, not just survive?

We work together to

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Build you a practical, time-efficient and effective personalised treatment plan

Identify and repair any nutrient deficiencies

Improve time-management for healthy eating and self-care

Provide for boosting energy and reducing stress quickly

Suggest appropriate and effective supplements

Make reasonable lifestyle recommendations

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Packages and Consult Options


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Standard MC Package

This package includes

  • 1 x 90min initial session

  • 1 x 45mins follow-up session

  • 3 x 20min follow-up sessions

  • 10% off all prescribed supplements.

  • This package does not include testing. 

We create a personalised plan for you to follow encompassing guidance around nutrition, movement, relaxation and supplement advice.


Value $620 + 10% off supplements

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Comprehensive MC Package

This package includes

Optional Extras -  add $260 to upgrade to DUTCH hormone testing

We create a personalised plan for you to follow encompassing guidance around nutrition, movement, relaxation and supplement advice.


value $834 + 10% off supplements

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1:1 Consultations

If you prefer to book and pay for 1:1 consultations monthly as you go then you can book your initial consultation online and reschedule your follow-up consultations from there.

You can view my consultation prices here

Not sure which option is best for you? Book a free 10min info chat or send a message

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We discuss...

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Both herbal and nutritional supplements can assist with energy, sleep, mood and stress. Motherhood is the ideal time to implement some extra support 

Demands and nutritional requirements change after having babies, and so does the way we need to look at organising and making food choices - simply

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Pushing your body too hard will often result in putting you a step backward. likewise, too little will not give you the energy your body needs. Discover restorative movement opinions that are easy and perfect for you and your situation

Sleep deprivation, the demands of being a carer, changes to our bodies and for those juggling many balls, stress is inevitable and can be managed so that you feel clear and in control





We discuss testing options for nutritional deficiencies, hormones and more. I will often recommend DUTCH testing or saliva testing for hormones for those struggling with mood or irregular cycles in addition to any testing being carried out with your GP. Testing is entirely optional

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