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Can I see you in person?

No. All of my consultations are online only and conducted via zoom video conferencing. 

What if I don't have zoom or am uncomfortable using zoom?

Some people prefer to conduct their consultations via phone. You can request a phone booking at the time of booking or by sending me an email.

Are there extra costs involved?

In addition to your consultation fees, it is a good idea to set aside $100-$200 per month for supplements. Your budget is important to me and we can adapt yr monthly supplement cost accordingly.  We may also discuss functional testing which may incur out-of-pocket costs but is not always necessary.  I also offer packages that may contain testing and supplement discounts.

How do I order supplements?

Your supplements will be prescribed to order online via and you will make your payment for supplements to them. Postage takes two days for the majority of Australia. 

Will I need to do any testing?

Testing can be beneficial in some circumstances however is not always necessary. We will discuss options in your initial consultation. More on testing here

How long will I work with you?

Everybody and every situation is different. Most of the time we will work together anywhere from 3-12 months with monthly follow-up consultations. Some clients prefer monthly ongoing consultations over years, like seeing your chiropractor. 

How often will I see you?

I see most clients monthly to review improvements, adjust supplement prescriptions and coach and support around diet and lifestyle changes. If you prefer more frequent support or less frequent reviews we can adapt to our preference.  

What training have you had?

I have a Bachelor of Naturopathy (BNat.) from Southern Cross University. A BNat. degree is a 4-year full-time health science degree and the highest level of training available in Australia.  I also conduct yearly continuing professional education (CPU) to ensure my skills and advice are always up to date with the latest advancements in evidence-based practice. 

How long have you been practising?

I opened my first clinic in June 2015 and have worked both for myself and in large multidisciplinary clinics with Integrative GP's, Osteopaths, Acupuncturists and more ever since. I worked for several years alongside Dr Oscar Serralach supporting post-natally depleted women and made a small contribution to his well-received book "The Postnatal Depletion Guide".

Do you offer public health or medicare rebates?

Naturopaths are not currently approved for Medicare rebates.  In 2019 the Australian Government commissioned a review into private health rebates which saw 16 therapies removed from cover. these included naturopathy, pilates, yoga, tai chi and more. Our professional bodies, academics and the public have outcried the reforms and later in 2019, the government agreed to a Natural Therapies Review to look at overturning this decision. Unfortunately, no further advice has been given here yet, so let your private health provider know that it is a therapy that is important to you (the more voices the better) or follow via the website for updates. 

Any more questions? Contact me here or book your free 10min info chat

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