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A huge congratulations! 

Pregnancy is a time of nourishment, a wonderful time in our lives, carrying new life within. 

Our care for our children starts from here. Our mothering instincts are to put our children in front of ourselves, and so sometimes we also need reminding to care for ourselves during and after our pregnancies.

During pregnancy, the demand on our bodies change. Nutrient requirements, energy and nervous system support all require adaptation.

Understanding how our bodies change and how to support these changes through each trimester can give you confidence that you are doing the best for both baby and you. 

If you would like support in navigating your pregnancy we chat about - 

  • your health history

  • stages of pregnancy and changing nutritional requirements

  • review of your GP bloods tests to assess nutritional markers

  • how to navigate common pregnancy annoyances such as morning sickness, reflux, bowels changes and sleeplessness

  • diet

  • movement

  • relaxation

  • preparing for the 4th trimester and avoiding postnatal depletion


There are certain supplements and nutrients that are beneficial and recommended to ensure a healthy pregnancy. 


Nutrition is an important consideration for a healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness can be a tricky time nutritionally for mothers and discussing foods and requirements throughout your pregnancy for optimal health and to support energy can benefit both you and baby.


gentle, restorative exercise that is easy on joints and ligaments and enhances strength and flexibility and is restorative in nature is perfect in pregnancy. 


is always important to manage to support wellbeing and happy hormones, and none-so-much as during pregnancy.


packages and consult options

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Standard Pregnancy Package

1st (90 mins), 2nd (45 mins) and 3rd (45 mins)  trimester consults to discuss your health, your pregnancy and the changes and nutrient requirements that occur as your pregnancy progresses. Includes a fourth-trimester plan of action and 10% off all prescribed supplements. ​

$315 (save $45 + 10% off supplements)

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Pregnancy Package

This package includes 8 x monthly consults (1 x 90min + 7x45min) to check in regularly. It also includes 10% off all prescribed supplements. 

$760 (save $50 + 10% off supplements)

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Pay as you go
1:1 Consults

If you prefer to book in and pay for your 1:1 consults monthly as you go then you can book your initial consult online and can reschedule your follow up appointments from there and discuss any testing options. Not sure which option is best? Send me a message below.

$180 Initial

$90 Follow up