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Holding the Belly


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Would you like to

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Understand what your body needs nutritionally to support both you and your growing baby?

Receive recommendations for pregnancy support supplements for each trimester?

Learn about exercise and relaxation during pregnancy?

Have support to maximise your health and wellbeing both during and after your pregnancy?

We work together to

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Build you a practical and effective personalised pregnancy and postpartum plan

Ensure your baby is getting all the nutrients needed to thrive

Ensure you are receiving all the nutrients and wellbeing support you need to thrive

Provide practical education about pregnancy

Packages and Consult Options


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Pregnancy Package

This package includes

  • 1 x 90min initial session

  • 2 x 45mins follow-up sessions

  • 10% off all prescribed supplements.

Zoom consults to discuss your health, your pregnancy, changes and nutrient requirements that occur as your pregnancy progresses. This package includes a postpartum plan of action and 10% off all prescribed supplements.


value $510 + 10% off supplements

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1:1 Consultations

If you prefer to book and pay for 1:1 consultations monthly as you go then you can book your initial consultation online and reschedule your follow-up consultations from there.

You can view my consultation prices here

Not sure which option is best for you? Book a free 10min info chat or send a message


We discuss...

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There are certain supplements and nutrients that are beneficial and recommended to ensure a healthy pregnancy as well as used for common ailments. These change over the course of your pregnancy.  

Nutrition is an important consideration for a healthy pregnancy. Morning sickness can be a tricky time nutritionally for mothers and discussing foods and requirements throughout your pregnancy for optimal health and to support energy can benefit both you and your baby.

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Gentle restorative exercise that is easy on joints and ligaments and enhances strength and flexibility and is restorative in nature is perfect in pregnancy.  We discuss the best types and intensity for different stages of pregnancy.

Addressing stress is always important to manage to support wellbeing and happy hormones, and none-so-much as during pregnancy. We explore stress techniques that will work for you. 




Testing during pregnancy is usually carried out with your primary health care team. We do ensure this is covered correctly and interpret the nutritional aspects of your primary testing in detail. 


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