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Hi There,

A quick few things about me.

Why Did I Become A Naturopath?

I saw the sense in applying healthy lifestyle measures to benefit our health. I've always had a love of both eating and growing food and being outdoors and while studying discovered a real passion for herbal medicine once I understood how well herbs work.That idea of wholism...that food, movement, emotional and spiritual well being all impact on our our health just seemed logical to my inquisitive mind, 

What Led Me To Focus On Women's Health, And In Particular 'Mothercare'?

I became a mum to my first child during my degree, and to my second as I was just finishing and opened a clinic 3 months later. Taking on the super-mum charge, as so many of us do, I came face to face with 'mum-burnout' and had to use my own tools to support myself.

I Contributed To a Popular Book on the Topic...

For the last 4 years  I worked closely with my collegue and a wonderful integrate GP, Dr Oscar Serrallach. He published a book "The Postnatal Depletion Cure" which was so well received worldwide and I was honoured to be asked to contribute to. I carried out combined consults with Oscar helping mothers rediscover their vitality and how to manage health on the other side of birth. 

My Qualifications...

I have a Bachelor of Naturopathy from Southern Cross University. 

This is a health science degree specialising in clinic nutrition and phytotherapy (herbal medicine).

Emma xxx


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