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Vaginal Microbiome


Only recently made available in Australia, Vaginal Microbiome testing is a game-changer for women with recurrent thrush, bacterial vaginosis infections, urinary tract infections and pelvic inflammatory disease. 

Vaginal microbiome testing can also be incredibly useful for unexplained infertility with a history of infections and endometriosis. 

Like the extensive microbiome found in our gut, the balance of good and not so great microbiomes found in the vagina are important for our vaginal health and immune system.

Being able to identify the population of beneficial microbes and identify dysbiotic (not so great) microbes and to target them directly to achieve microbial balance offers faster and more effective results for women who struggle with recurrent infections. 

Microbiome testing is a simple at home swab test.

Who would this help?

Women seeking help with - 

What is Included?

  • Vaginal pH​​

  • A comprehensive review/identification of the numbers of beneficial bacteria

  • A comprehensive review/identification of the numbers of opportunistic/potentially pathogenic species of bacterial microbes

  • A comprehensive review/identification of the numbers of opportunistic/potentially pathogenic species of fungal microbes

  • Review/identification of several sexually transmitted infections (including trichomonal, chlamydia, gonorrhoeae, herpes simplex 1 & 2)

Vaginal Microbiome Testing Cost $174
5 day turnaround for results
Simple at-home swab test

How To Order

Vaginal microbiome testing needs to be ordered and interpreted by a qualified practitioner. ​I require that we discuss your symptoms and whether we find this type of testing appropriate for you at your initial consult.

After we order the vaginal microbiome test for you, you will receive your test kit in the mail with instructions on how to collect your sample and return  in the reply-paid envelope. Your sample will be sent to the Nutripath Laboratory in Melbourne with the results arriving in approx 5 days.

Test results will then be sent to me, and we will reschedule a consult to go over those results (we share screen via zoom so we walk through these visually together) and to adapt or create your treatment plan taking into account your results and all the other information we have gathered about you.

For any questions or to decide the best route forward for your health goals send me a message below.

emma jacques

Women's Health

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