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Male Fertility

Fertility is a 50:50 equation and assessment for both parties can be particularly valuable for those who have been trying to fall pregnant for some time.


The male fertility package is conducted via your local pathology lab and contains the following - 


Semen count
A semen analysis evaluates the amount and quality of a man’s semen and sperm to determine fertility.

Semen analysis is used to assess the following:

  • Motility: movement of the sperm (swimming ability).

  • Morphology: percentage of sperm that have a normal shape.

  • Count: the number of individual sperm present in one ejaculation.

Semen analysis can help clarify whether a man has a reproductive problem that is causing infertility and determine what treatment options are reasonable.

Before collection, please call your local pathology lab (see here for collection centres) before you go as there are special collection requirements. The specimen needs to be dropped at a centre close to a main lab as it needs to be processed quickly. They will also give you a container. Otherwise, a (yellow top) Urine container from the Chemist is suitable. Make sure your full Name and D.O.B is written on the container.

4 days prior to the test, abstain from all sexual activity.
Obtain specimen by masturbation. Do not use a condom or any form of lubricant.

Free and Total Testosterone
Includes Testosterone (total), SHBG and Free Testosterone
This is a serum blood test to be carried out at your local pathology lab (see here for collection centres)

Zinc is an important mineral required for sperm quality and testosterone production.

This is a serum blood test to be carried out at your local pathology lab (see here for collection centres)

If you have had any of these carried out please bring them to your fertility consult (only one partner needs to be present, or you both can if you would like!

We can also split these into individual tests if required. 

Any recommended testing will be discussed at your initial fertility consult. 

*Your GP may facilitate these, however, there is often a cost associated with these tests. 

Male Fertility Testing Package $179
2 Weeks turnaround for results
Sample collection and serum with your local pathology lab

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