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Serum Blood


Working with a naturopath and GP in sharded care is common in many circumstances and provides the best of both complementary and allopathic medicine.

If you are working with a GP there are several tests that they may deem appropriate for your care (dependant on their medical advice and medicare restrictions).

It is always important to disclose to your GP that you are working with a qualified clinical naturopath and any supplements you may be taking. 

It is always a good idea to ask for a copy of the results of any pathology testing that has been carried out for you to be given to you for your records. This is very useful information that can be provided to other health practitioners. ​

Some of the tests your GP may advise for you include - 

  • Full blood counts - looking at red and white blood cells

  • E'LFTs - electrolytes and liver function tests. This test can also provide valuable information about your protein intake and minerals.

  • Iron studies

  • Thyroid studies

  • B12

  • Vitamin D

  • Specialist tests and referrals

  • and more

While clinical naturopaths can order any of these tests for you, we are not covered by Medicare and therefore the patient will need to pay out of pocket for these tests. Some people prefer to take this route and fees for these can be discussed on an individual basis during your consults. 

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