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Ovulation thermometers are also known as basal body thermometers (BBT) and fertility thermometers. They record temperature to two decimal points so hat you can track temperature changes to detect the occurance of ovulation both for women trying to define theri fertile window, those trying to avoid pregnancy and for those who are regulating their periods. 


The Surgipack Digital Ovulation Thermometer has a flexible tip for added comfort (designed for oral, vaginal or rectal use), water resistant stem, easy to read, jumbo LCD digital display. It beeps when temperature has been reached 9approx 60 seconds), automatic switch off after 10 minutes. Memory function records last temperature.


The benefits of this thermomenter are:


  • 2 Decimal places for Basal temperature tracking
  • Flexible soft-touch tip
  • 60 second measurement
  • Last reading memory
  • Beeper
  • Water resistant
  • Mercury free
  • Measurement accuracy ± 0.1°C between 35-39°C, ± 0.2°F under 35°C or over 39°C
  • Automatic switch-off

SurgiPack Ovulation Thermometer


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