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  • A lightweight moisturiser that intensely hydrates and creates a protective barrier against environmental pollutants.


    With cucumber fruit extract, sodium hyaluronate and allantoin to gently exfoliate and reveal softer skin with smaller pores and finer lines.


    Jojoba seed oil and apricot kernel oil join the mix to balance and nourish your skin, and have it looking and feeling luxuriously supple and bouncy.


    The addition of Vitamin E packs this moisturiser with antioxidants to defend your skin again free radicals that cause ageing.


    A protective but breathable film tops it all off to help keep moisture, literally guard your skin from pollutants and give it a radiant finish.


    Ideal for all skin types, Lite Moisturiser is made for those who want heavy hydration – without the weight!

    Lite Face Moisturiser 50ml


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      Women's Health

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