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  • Your essential, effective tonic for a balanced immune system. 


    A vegan-friendly, high potency immune tonic with organic Astragalus, Siberian ginseng, Quercetin, Zinc, Vegan Vitamin D3, medicinal herbs and Reishi mushroom to support the immune system to fight illness, relieve fatigue and increase vitality.


    Benefits may include:

    • Supporting healthy immune function
    • Assisting with illness recovery
    • Supporting lung health and reduce cough
    • Relieve weariness and fatigue
    • Increasing vitality


    Ora Immune Tonic + Advanced 60caps


    A daily dose (two capsules) contains:

    Astragalus membranaceous (Organic Astragalus)root ext. dry conc. 450mg
    from dry root 4.5g

    Eleutherococcus senticosus (Organic Siberian ginseng) root ext. dry conc. 66.6mg
    from dry root 3g

    Schisandra chinensis (Schisandra) root fruit ext. dry conc. 120mg
    from dry fruit 3g

    Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi) fruiting body ext. dry conc. 75mg
    From dry fruiting body 1.5g

    Quercetin dihydrate 500mg

    Colecalciferol (Vitamin D3 500 IU) 25mcg

    Zinc citrate dihydrate 124.6mg
    equivalent Zinc 40mg

    No added yeast, soy, sugars, lactose, gluten, artificial colourings, dairy, or animal


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