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Fertility Prep Takes Two

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

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That's right, it takes two to...erm...𝘵𝘢𝘯𝘨𝘰 shall we say and it doesn't just come down to doing the deed.

I see a lot of women who are doing all-the-things when it comes to preparing their bodies for conception, however our men are such an important part of co-creating a family and there are some very important things to understand if looking to enhance fertility and support healthy DNA.

Sperm are incredibly delicate and very prone to oxidative damage

So are eggs, and our bodies are very clever about not accepting a sub-par swimmer.

Oxidative damage internally can be caused by cigarette smoking, poor dietary choices, too much alcohol and exposure to chemicals and toxins. Try to give yourself 3 months of the ciggies, reduce alcohol to no more than the standard 10 drinks weekly and no more than 4 drinks in one day, avoid food additives and preservatives and processed foods and eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, and good quality seafood and meat and be aware of workplace exposure to chemicals and toxins as well as swapping household cleaning products and self care products to chemical free options.

Sperm can be damaged by heat

This can be an important consideration for some - ie Chefs hovering by warm ovens for long periods of time, avid cyclers, those who love the hot tub or sauna a little too frequently and men should even be mindful of sitting with a laptop...on their lap.

Not only will this increase conception rates, but at least three months of fertility preparation will also improve the quality of the DNA we are passing on to our future little ones. What a gift!

Emma xx
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